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The Keweenaw Digital Archives is constantly expanding their collection and may be accessed at:

General Readings on Copper Country History may also be accessed at:



Historical research and interpretative activities attempt to recreate, analyze and understand the lives of those people who have come before us. It can be difficult, however, to tell the difference between fact and opinion in some historical sources. Because history is recorded by human beings, it can be affected by individual perspective and bias.
It is important that researchers apply critical thinking while reviewing historical resources. Priority should be given to "primary source" documents created by eyewitnesses to history, while always keeping aware of potential biases which might affect the truthfulnesses of any account or recollection.
The Keweenaw Digital Archives is designed to improve access to primary source material held in repostories throughout the region. In addition to photographs (available through the link at the top of this page), the section below provides links to digital scans and other data extracted from archival material which pertains to ethnic and immigration information in Michigan's Copper Country.

Digital Copies of Primary Sources
Champion Mining Company
Statement of Employees- November 27, 1905
Original Document Scan (.jpg- 479 kb)
Data Extract (.xls- 32kb)
Statement of Employees- February 28, 1906
Original Document Scan (.jpg- 480 kb)
Data Extract (.xls- 30kb)
Calumet & Hecla Mining Company
Nationality Record- 1928 Year End
Original Document Scan (.jpg- 243 kb)
Data Extract (.xls- 14kb)
Nationality Record- 1940 Year End
Original Document Scan (.jpg- 200 kb)
Nationality Record- 1952 Year End
Original Document Scan (.jpg- 300 kb)
Employee Identity Badge
Original Document Scan (.jpg- 108 kb)
Employment Card- John Pirc, Slovenian Trammer, 1908
Original Document Scan (.jpg- 123 kb)
Naturalization Records
Keweenaw County- Dominico Balagna, Italian Miner, 1930
Keweenaw County- Malnar Zigmond, Hungarian Laborer, 1938
Orig. Doc. Scan- Petition for Citizenship
side A (.jpg- 674kb) side B (.jpg 441kb)



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